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I am an Atlanta based artist, muralist, illustrator, and designer as well as a resident artist and branding designer for Cultivation Brewing Co. I obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in Illustration. The main focus in my work at that time involved mood, light, and texture driven elements inspired by psychology, world happenings, pop culture, and geared towards the editorial world. With that being said, I have since taken that and developed thought-provoking illustrations and branding for my current role. With a brief background in textile design and fiber arts, a blend of traditional textures, media and digital technique brings a unique style and aspect of storytelling to what the graphic illustration industry consists of today. As a Georgia native, I grew up with surrounding views of the Appalachian mountain region. My love and appreciation of being in the presence of nature and an avid ballet dancer for 15 years have become key inspirations throughout my artistic endeavors.



Communication Arts Spring 2021 Student Showcase

Creative Quarterly 61

Creative Quarterly 61 100 Best

Creative Quarterly 60

Creative Quarterly 60 100 Best

Creative Quarterly 58

Society for Collegiate Journalist National Competition- News Design Award

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